Top SEO Trends And Site Manager Should Know In 2017


Even as SEO trends come and go, causing disagreement between different SEO experts, there are some trends that are here to stay. No matter the evolution of development of content ranking trends, it will still remain the same.  That is right, content remains the king. Most experts agree on this. What content creators and developers should have in mind before creating or developing any content is the reader, what the reader wants.

This should be uppermost in the mind of the mind of the creator above the worries about the search engine bots that will index the content. Google and other search engines will still use keywords and keyword densities to interpret sites in 2017. However, the information contained in your site should be very much more important than any keyword or phrases. It boosts your site when visitors have good things to say about the contents you regularly put out.

Optimisation Of User Intent

The more users become uses to the internet and search engines grow in sophistication, the more precise keywords and key phrases used by people have become.
This precision in keywords is important, still website managers have to start thinking like the people they are presenting their content to. They have to think about what it is exactly that web users might be searching for and not just focus on the short keywords in the search.

Well Arranged Data Markup


Google as a search engine most times displays the answer to any question you ask directly at the top of the page. This use of this method by Google search engine is on the increase and will probably soon be prominent. This rich answers, and sometimes snippets are taken directly from the content of sites.

This further shows how important content is and how wise it will be to begin using structured data markup in your site. This will increase the chances of your content appearing as a direct answer to a question on Google.

The Mobile Optimisation Factor


The accessibility or inaccessibility of some mobiles to browse sites is a major factor in the search engine business, and will definitely continue to be so. However this may now be in direct opposite of what it used to be.  There are predictions from SEO experts that sites which are mobile friendly will begin to stay atop other sites designed solely for the computer in content ranking.

Due to the rise of the use of phones in browsing the internet, predictions have come in that most search engines will begins to favour dense content as against large content.

Verbal Search


That is contents will now be judged on their containing more information in so little space. As the use of voice search on most search engines is on the rise, web owners and SEO experts will need to think about how people will verbally ask a question to enter a search as opposed to when they just have to type it in.

Not following these trends will lead to the death of any website whose owners have to change and adapt to the changing landscape of search engines and content ranking.


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